As a child I was influenced by my family, who were involved in design and construction. My roots of origin are from Italy. The skills my grandfather brought with him from Europe were ever present. Watching Grandpa do his magic, laying one brick after another forming some thing that was not there when he started amazed me. He was a great mentor to me. I knew I also wanted to create in the building field from early on, just not out in the unpredictable elements as he did. I found my thing was to be working on interiors. Plastering to me is my outlet for creativity.

I have been in construction now for 40 years and it still does not bore me. To restore some thing to its’ original state that has been destroyed is extremely rewarding to me. I enjoy working with my hands and do so to this day. It has given me the opportunity to work in some very prestigious homes and institutions of which I will note below.

  • Gracie Mansion NYC
  • The Dakota NYC
  • River House NYC
  • Saint Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church NYC
  • Colony Club NYC,Fairfield University
  • Kieth Richard’s Residence
  • Harvey Firestein Residence
  • Paul Simon Residence
  • Cameron Diaz Residence
  • Judge Judy’s residence

If you have any questions regarding plaster please feel free to contact me on my blog or email nick@plasteringbynicholas.com. I am always willing to discuss your needs irregardless of the size of the job. So feel free to contact me for work or advice.

Nicholas Smacchia